Let’s know how create google call only ads

Google Call Only Ads setup instruction

google call only ads


Basically, Google call-only ads use local businesses to get more customers when they search on Google. If you

Create Google Call-Only ads, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account: Go to the Google Ads website (ads.google.com) and sign in using your Google account credentials.
  2. Create a new campaign: Click on the “+ Campaign” button to create a new campaign.
  3. Choose your campaign goal: Select the campaign goal that aligns with your advertising objectives. For Call-Only ads, you may choose goals such as “Sales,” “Leads,” or “Website Traffic.”
  4. Select campaign settings: Provide the necessary details for your campaign, including the campaign name, geographic targeting, language preferences, and budget.
  5. Choose the “Search” campaign type: Select the “Search” campaign type to create a campaign focused on search ads.
  6. Create an ad group: Within your campaign, create a new ad group by clicking on the “+ New Ad Group” button. Ad groups help you organize your ads and target specific keywords.
  7. Set your bidding and budget: Determine your bidding strategy and set a daily budget for your ad group. With Call-Only ads, you’ll typically use manual bidding.
  8. Create a Call-Only ad: In the ad group, click on the “+ New Ad” button to create a new ad. Choose the “Text ad” option.
  9. Enter your ad details: Provide the necessary information for your Call-Only ad, including the headline, business name, phone number, and description. The headline should be concise and compelling to encourage users to call.
  10. Enable “Call-only” feature: In the ad creation interface, check the box that says “Turn this ad into a call-only ad.”
  11. Set up your call tracking: If you want to track calls generated by your ads, you can set up call tracking using a Google forwarding number or a third-party call tracking provider. This step is optional but can provide valuable insights into the performance of your Call-Only ads.
  12. Save and review your ad: Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, review your ad to ensure accuracy and relevance. Make any necessary adjustments.
  13. Save and publish your ad: Click on the “Save” or “Save and Publish” button to save your Call-Only ad and make it live.

Remember to closely monitor the performance of your Call-Only ads and make adjustments as needed. Continuously optimize your targeting, bidding, and ad copy to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Please note that the Google Ads interface may evolve over time, so some steps and options mentioned here may vary slightly. It’s always recommended to refer to the official Google Ads documentation or reach out to Google Ads support for the most up-to-date instructions.

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