Best 10 heritage places to visit in Barbados

Barbados, a Caribbean island nation, is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. Here are ten notable heritage places to visit in Barbados:

  1. Bridgetown and its Garrison (UNESCO World Heritage Site): The historic area of Bridgetown, the capital city, and its Garrison have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It includes well-preserved colonial architecture, such as the Barbados Parliament Buildings and the Garrison Savannah.
  2. George Washington House: Located in Bridgetown, this historic house was occupied by a young George Washington in 1751 during his only visit outside of the present-day United States. The house is now a museum that provides insights into Barbados’ colonial history.
  3. St. Nicholas Abbey: This Jacobean mansion, dating back to the 17th century, is one of the oldest plantation houses in the Caribbean. St. Nicholas Abbey offers guided tours, showcasing the historic architecture and sugar plantation heritage.
  4. Harrison’s Cave: This limestone cave system in the central uplands of Barbados offers guided tram tours through its chambers, providing visitors with a unique geological and cultural experience.
  5. Barbados Museum and Historical Society: Housed in the former military prison in Bridgetown, the museum features exhibits on Barbadian history, culture, and natural history. It offers a comprehensive overview of the island’s heritage.
  6. Codrington College: Established in 1745, Codrington College is the oldest Anglican theological college in the Western Hemisphere. The campus has historic buildings and a chapel with stunning stained glass windows.
  7. Gun Hill Signal Station: This former military signal station, located in St. George, offers panoramic views of the island and the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can explore the historic signal station and enjoy the scenery.
  8. Tyrol Cot Heritage Village: Tyrol Cot is a restored mansion that serves as a museum showcasing Barbadian heritage. The village surrounding the mansion provides a glimpse into the island’s past with traditional crafts and activities.
  9. Parliament Buildings (Bridgetown): The Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown are a symbol of Barbados’ political history. The neo-Gothic structures house the Parliament of Barbados and are open to the public.
  10. Morgan Lewis Windmill: Situated in St. Andrew, Morgan Lewis is one of the last working sugar windmills in the world. The restored mill provides insights into Barbados’ sugar production history.

Exploring these heritage places in Barbados allows visitors to delve into the island’s rich history, from colonial times to its vibrant cultural traditions.

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